Pathways Residences, please do not build seniors units on our playfields at Lane Cove

Public Opposition Map

Here is a pin map of online objections only.

The Development Application is strongly opposed by residents of Longueville, Northwood, Lane Cove and Riverview. Online objection numbers alone, are shown below.

Date Action Number

31/08/2021 Petition to SNPP and AU to preserve open space playfields. 232

16/08/2021 Petition to SNPP Requesting to Re-instate height restrictions 132

May 2019 Submissions to SNPP 272

11/10/2017 Petition to LCC to preserve open space fields. 106

 17/11/2014 Petition to DoIP against re-zoning recreation land to R2 508

Dec 2013 Submissions to Rezoning public hearing. 48

TOTAL 1298